About Us

The power of basketball

Organizations in our community are forced to focus their limited resources on fundraising and programming which lie outside of their core focus. To enhance our positive impact and theirs, Assist NYC meets with potential partners to discuss customized ways in which our programming and fundraising efforts can be beneficial to their specific causes. Assist NYC identifies, designs, funds,

executes, and analyzes unique basketball plans for each partner.

Partners and programming  

The Programming Team at Assist NYC meets with each partner organization to identify programming opportunities which help further these organizations’ stated mission. Each program is customized for the benefit of each organization while meeting specific characteristics of Assist NYC’s mission: helping to develop young adults, teach the game, and foster community.

Our volunteers

Our volunteers are at the heart of our organizaiton. Week in and week out motivation, compassion, and dedication are on display as our volunteers provide their time and energy to the cause.

A Burach / Rutter Production

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Stay tuned for 2016 Programming
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